General Conditions


Please read carefully the conditions below, as well as the current data protection information that is only for, before using the online shop on this site. Using the online shop means that you agree to and accept the terms of use of the site. We process and use the data voluntarily provided by users to our online shop under the general privacy policy.
Collection and processing of personal data:
When a user opens our online shop, we receive information in the form of a protocol with an IP address, visit date and time, browser information, and the operating system you are using. These data remain anonymous and can not be linked to a particular person, we use this data to analyze which products from our online shop are of the highest interest to the user.
At our online shop, each user has the ability to provide us with different personal information (e.g., email, address, name, telephone). The provision of these data is entirely voluntary. Of course, the user can use a nickname if you want to buy goods from our online shop. Thus, the data we receive can not be related to the identification of the individual user as a person. But on the other hand, there are data that are necessary for the execution of an order. Without them we can not provide you with correct and accurate performance.
In order for our online shop to be more user-friendly, we use cookies. For more information, please visit the Cookies page in our online shop.
We use the user's data only for the purposes for which we collect them - to process a completed order. When processing orders, we sometimes use the services of courier companies that receive only the data required for the order. Once we have completed the order for which we have collected your personal information, we commit ourselves to destroy them immediately unless there is a legal deadline for their storage or the user has explicitly requested to keep them.
Each user has the right to receive free information about personal data collected for him / her. Each user has the right at any time to deny his or her personal data being collected and processed, and also to request that they be deleted, corrected or blocked. To do so, you should contact us by sending a request to our e-mail:
Our online shop uses a certificate to encrypt user data to prevent abuse.
In our online shop, we do not use links to other sites, all products in our online shop are manufactured by us.

Rights and responsibilities of the parties
The Online Shop is entitled at any time and without notice to make changes to the published products and prices, and all such amendments and supplements shall take effect from the moment of their publication. By reducing the price of some of the products, the reduced prices are announced as a new price placed next to the old one, which is cross out.
The online shop has the right not to execute an order if the user has not provided accurate information and does not owe any compensation. In the case of a user-paid amount for a particular order/s that can not be paid for the above reason, the Online Shop is obliged to refund them. In case the payment is made with a bank card, the refund is made by ordering a reverse transaction on the card with which the payment was made within 14 days.
The Online Shop is under the Personal Data Protection Law not to provide the information you provide that is necessary for the purchase of products from the site to third parties and is used only for the correct execution of the order.
The Online Shop is committed to providing the consumer with product characteristics.
The online shop is obligated to execute and deliver the order from 1 to 7 days after confirmation of the order by the user. The products selected by the user will be delivered by a courier company to the specified address. PRODUCT DELIVERY COSTS ARE ON CONSUMER'S ACCOUNT.
The user has the right to refuse and return the product, AND THE USER IS OBLIGED  PAY FOR THE RETURN OF THE PRODUCT.
Upon receipt of the shipment, the user has to check the contents of the package for conformity of the goods with the order. In case of inconsistency of the received commodity with the ordered, the Online Shop replaces the product at its own expense, without any additional fees from the user.
Provided that there is a product depletion, the Online Shop may offer an alternative product to the user for the same value.
If you have a problem with a purchased product, you can contact us by e-mail: or by phone: + 359878403097, + 359888359689.
If a defective product is asserted, the Online Shop is committed to replacing it with a new one, with shipping costs being charged to the Online Shop.
If a product's appearance has occurred in transit, you can contact the courier company for a damaged shipment.
The Online Shop reserves the right to modify and supplement the General Terms and Conditions at any time, and any such changes and additions will enter into force automatically at the time of publication on the Shop's website:
The user undertakes to periodically visit the page with General Terms to learn about any changes.