What is this?

What is that, without which the woman can not and without which it feels like an important part of it is missing?
No, not the man. It's not as multifunctional as it is ... the ladies' bag.
Someone had said that if you poured the contents of a lady's bag, you would know all her secrets. This one is not far from the truth. Every self-respecting modern woman, and even non-modern, also holds a few specific objects in her bag. From the lipstick to the little black notebook, everything is there inside this beautiful, and often very expensive, pleasure called "ladies handbag".
The handbag brings strength. And the strength brings power. More than an accessory, it describes, conceals, preserves, but defines the essence of its owner - the way of life, the most valuable values, the needs it owns, the things it believes in, and the things from which it would not she could give up. Status and style indicator. Public fetish of the fair sex. Size does not matter! At least what's in bags. Everything is a matter of taste. And the taste is determined by human visions, needs, biases. The purpose of all this is that a woman always wants to look attractive to the opposite sex and to the level - to her competitors. The ladies handbag is a genuine mini-suitcase. But with a 24-carat smile!